Bruce Springsteen predicts Trump will win the 2020 election, criticizes Democratic candidates

Donald Trump voters, the Boss feels your pain.

Bruce Springsteen credited, or blamed, the rise in popularity of populist Trump that resulted in his becoming president on the loss of jobs, technical innovations and a rapid pace of change in the country that’s been unaddressed by both Democrats and Republicans. 

“I think that there are a lot of reasons people became Trump voters,” said Springsteen to the Sunday Times Magazine of London. “You had severe blows to working people in the 1970s and 1980s as all the steel mills shut down. Then you had an explosion of information technology. These are life-changing, upsetting occurrences.”

Springsteen has long addressed American economic anxiety in songs like “Factory, “The River” and “Badlands.”

“You can find yourself in a country that you may not feel part of, or you feel that your (concerns are) being dismissed,” Springsteen said. “So (you’ve had) an enormous amount of insecurity and instability. Add to that, someone comes in and plays on your racial anxieties, and blames an enormous amount of this on the ‘other’ from the southern side of the border, and you’re going to have an audience for those views. I basically think that (the problem) is the incredibly rapid pace of change that’s occurred in the United States that’s gone unaddressed by both administrations, Democrat and Republican.”

So far, a second term for Trump looks likely to Springsteen.

 “I don’t see anyone out there at the moment,” said Springsteen of the 2020 election. “The man who can beat Trump, or the woman who can beat Trump. You need someone who can speak some of the same language (as Trump) and the Democrats don’t have an obvious, effective presidential candidate.”

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