Bride's parents allegedly demand wedding guest pay for son's meal choice

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Kids definitely don’t eat free at this wedding.

An anonymous wedding guest has shared an incident on Reddit’s Wedding Shaming forum, seeking advice on how to respond to the bride’s parents, who are allegedly demanding the guest reimburse them for a meal their 16-year-old son ate at the reception.

According to the Reddit post, the guest had previously received the wedding invitation and chose the regular, "adult" chicken from the meal options, as did the son.

“There was an option to select a kid's meal version of each dish, but I never considered ordering one for my son because he is too old for kid's meals. I sent in the RSVP card with our meal selections and never heard anything about it,” the post read.

A wedding guest is claiming the bride’s parents demanded reimbursement after the guest’s 16-year-old son ate an adult meal instead of the kid’s meal.

Once at the reception, the post explained, the waiter brought the pair their food, but ended up being one meal short — a chicken meal — for the table.

“The waiter had a small plate of chicken fingers and fries, but everyone at the table told him it must be a mistake because we didn't have any kids sitting with us. The waiters were able to put together an extra chicken plate for the person who didn't get one, and it seemed all was well,” the anonymous poster wrote.

However, it was not all well, as the guest soon got a phone call from the bride’s parents, who allegedly claimed the chicken fingers had been for the 16-year-old, and that the guest has “caused the caterer to charge [the family] for an extra adult chicken meal.”

“I told them my son had asked for the adult meal, but they said he should have had the kid's meal because he's under 18. They said I should have known he was meant to have a kid's meal and that I should have asked for clarification if I wasn't sure. But I wasn't unsure, I never thought for a second that my son would have a kid's meal,” the post reads, calling the move “rude to feed a 16-year-old a meal meant for a six-year-old.”

The poster then seeks advice from the online forum, asking if it was wrong to refuse to pay for the extra meal, claiming, “It was their mistake for changing my son’s order.”

Those on the forum nearly unanimously defended the guest, calling the parents' actions “tacky” because the invitation did not designate that kid’s meals were for anyone under 18.

“Oh for cryin' out loud. The fact that someone planning the reception even thought a teenage boy should get a child's meal is ludicrous and stupid. The fact that the bride's parents now want you to pay for it is grossly tacky,” part of a comment read.

“Expected to eat a kids meal = rude … Calling later to ask for $ because you choose to change a guest’s meal and you have to pay for it… unbelievable,” one comment read.

“The audacity of people… I do wonder if the bride and groom knew about the cheap parents calling,” another shared.

“I've never even seen 'rules' about who can order a kid's meal," another wrote. "At one wedding, my then-25-year-old sister ordered the kids meal because she didn't like either of the adult choices. The bride said she just chuckled when the RSVP card came back. And my sister got her chicken strips and fries."

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