Bournemouth woman reveals she takes married men to the beach for sex

Furloughed Bournemouth barmaid reveals how taking married men she meets on Illicit Encounters to the beach for ‘mind-blowing’ sex has helped her get through lockdown

  • Barmaid been breaking lockdown by having ‘mind-blowing’ sex on the beach 
  • Chloe, a 28-year-old furloughed bartender, has been seeing two married men 
  • They are a local hotel manager and a bar owner – she met on an affairs dating site
  • The divorcee lives in Bournemouth and says she has been ‘using the beach for sex for years’

A barmaid has told how she has been breaking lockdown by having ‘mind-blowing’ sex on the beach this summer.

Chloe, a 28-year-old furloughed bartender, has been seeing two married men – a local hotel manager and a bar owner – she met on an affairs dating site.

The divorcee lives in Bournemouth and says she has been ‘using the beach for sex for years’, and claims it’s the perfect spot to avoid nosy neighbours checking on people’s movements amid the pandemic.

Speaking to FEMAIL, she said: ‘Sex on the beach is the most natural thing in the world for anyone living in Bournemouth.

Chloe, a 28-year-old furloughed bartender from Bournemouth, has been seeing two married men during lockdown- a local hotel manager and a bar owner – she met on an affairs dating site (stock image used)

‘I don’t think there is anyone under the age of 40 who hasn’t done it there at some stage.

‘I started the first affair just after lockdown with the married manager of one of the big hotels down here.

‘He contacted me on and we had sex at my flat one afternoon just after the restrictions came into place.

‘We had both been furloughed and it was a fun way to pass the time. But as the weather has got warmer, we have been going down to the beach for some fun.

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‘We have gone skinny dipping a couple of times on the recent warmer nights and then had sex on the beach afterwards. If you walk away from the town centre, you can easily find a quiet spot. He is a fantastic lover and the sex was mind-blowing.’

Chloe revealed she has also met a second married man – a local bar owner – in the last month.

She said: ‘He knew me anyway from work but didn’t realise I was up for affairs until he saw me online.

‘We have done it in his car and also on the beach.’

She explained: ‘I like seeing married men because they are rich and spoil me with a few nice presents. I started having affairs when my marriage was failing and just wanted to have a discreet affair.

‘I have met loads of nice guys and have stuck with the site since my divorce came through.

‘It is nice that we are finally getting over this crisis and life is returning to normal.

‘I am coming out of furlough in July when the pubs reopen but I am still planning a weekend away in Ibiza with the girls in September. I will definitely have sex on the beach then, too.’

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Chloe revealed her story during a survey by the site, that showed the beach is the most popular location for action outside of the bedroom on holiday, followed by a beauty spot, field, park and pool.

Four of ten sun-seekers also revealed had a one-night stand while they are away.

Meanwhile, a third said they have cheated on their partner while on a trip away with friends.

The most popular occasions for cheating are stag and hen weekends, with 25 per cent of men and 22 per cent of women have had a fling while on holiday with friends ahead of a wedding.

Three-quarters of Brits say they are still planning to go on holiday this summer as the restrictions on travel are gradually lifted and new ‘air corridors’ are planned for popular locations such as Spain, France and Greece

And more than half of singles said they would love to have a holiday fling while they were away this year.

Surprisingly, only a quarter would be put off from sleeping with someone they were attracted to by the Covid-crisis.

The results come from a new survey of 2,000 people by the UK’s leading affairs site.

It found that 82 per cent of people are looking forward to getting away more this year because they need cheering up.

Nine out of ten sun seekers said they have more sex on holiday than while at home, because holidays make them more adventurous in the bedroom.

Sex and relationship expert Jessica Leoni said: ‘What this survey shows is that the summer of love is most definitely on. We have all gone through the worst crisis of our lives and we need a bit of sex in the sun to destress.

‘Most people are planning to party like any other summer and won’t be shy about jumping into bed with someone they like.

‘Lots of people will be cheating on their partners on lads’ and girls’ breaks away.’

Cheating has been booming since the Covid-crisis, with the site a reporting a 25 per centrise in activity from people stuck at home in failing relationships.

More than a million people have reportedly signed up to the affairs site since it was founded 17 years ago.

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