Boris Johnson: Macron or Merkel – who did the Prime Minister get on better with?

Boris Johnson met with Emmanuel Macron today, and all those invested in Brexit are likely to have their eyes on the meeting.

Boris Johnson met Emmanuel Macron and spoke of the sharing of industry between the two countries.

The British Prime Minister said: “Just as French buses ply the streets of London thanks to the unique openness of the UK economy, it is also a stunning fact that your beautiful TGVs run on steel railways are made in Scunthorpe by British steel.

“Not a lot of people know that. In fact, the British Ambassador didn’t know that. I just told him.”

Boris Johnson: Macron or Merkel who did the Prime Minister get on better with?

The British Prime Minister appeared to want to play the part of a “slightly bumbling wannabe hero” when meeting both Angela Merkel and Macron, according to a body language expert.

However, both the European leaders exemplified politeness.

She pointed out “alpha rivalry and one-upmanship” between the pair.

Judi James told Macron may be a better “fit” for Boris Johnson.

She said: “Both of Boris’s meetings with these world leaders involved what looked like heavy-duty body language masking, with Boris playing the slightly bumbling wannabe hero to both Macron and Merkel’s studied politeness.”

Angela Merkel was “weary” around Boris Johnson yesterday. 

Judi said: “Where Merkel’s underlying signals suggested weariness and a shrugging cynicism, I believe Macron’s more open sense of alpha rivalry and one-upmanship would have made a better ‘fit’ for Boris, whose blend of intellect and clumsiness seems honed as a response to colleagues of other body language smoothies like Cameron.”

The Prime Minister is likely to have enjoyed Macron’s better grasp of English, Judi claimed.

She said: “He appeared to enjoy the fact that Macron’s intense listening signals and nods as he talked, plus his mastery of the English language made him the kind of sharper audience Boris loves.

“When the two men used the gesticulation of battle and fight, like pointing fingers and clunking fists, both seemed to spur the other on and both appeared to be enjoying the alpha body language skirmishes.”

Yesterday, Boris Johnson showed “maximum awkwardness” when facing Angela Merkel. 

Judi said: “With his constantly fidgeting hands and a facial expression that ranged from an impish grin to a knowing smirk, Boris appeared to approach his negotiations with Merkel with a sense of edgy jollity underpinned by some anxiety rather than the determined air of a man trying to portray power and gravitas while entering the last chance saloon.”

From the get-go, Judi explained that Angela’s body language implied she’d rather be somewhere else, where she could find “better use of her time.”

She continued: “Merkel is not a leader known for her body language slap-downs but her air, although polite, was one of cynicism and solemn weariness. As she waited for Johnson’s car to arrive she twiddled her thumbs around together like someone who has many other better uses of her time.”

Boris Johnson’s girlfriend Carrie Symonds is the centre of much intrigue around the Prime Minister, who is actually still married to his second wife Marina Wheeler. 

What might Carrie wear if the pair get married while Boris Johnson is still the Prime Minister?

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