Beauty brand rapped for claiming mink lashes were ‘cruelty free’

Beauty brand that claimed its lashes were ‘cruelty free’ despite being made from REAL mink fur is rapped by Advertising Standards Authority

  • Dulin-based BiaBelle Beauty, which ships to the UK had four complaints upheld
  • Described real mink lashes as cruelty-free, but experts said it wasn’t credible
  • Fur for lashes is harvested by brushing or trimming but minks must be caged
  • Also described a real mink product as being made from faux fur  

A beauty brand has had four complaints against upheld by the Advertising Standards Authority for Ireland after claiming its eyelashes made from real mink fur were ‘cruelty free’.

BiaBelle Beauty, which is Dublin based but ships to the UK and worldwide, offers a range of 18 types of real mink lashes and versions made from synthetic fibres. 

But the ASAI received complaints over a claim its mink lashes were ‘cruelty free’, stating that the animals have to be caged to trim their fur for the beauty industry. 

One complainant referred to the fact that the lashes were imported from China where ‘animal cruelty laws did not compare to those in the EU’.

The body ruled that the brand did not have ‘sufficient substantiation’ to claim their products were cruelty free. 

MailOnline has contacted BiaBelle Beauty for comment.  

BiaBelle Beauty a Dublin-based false lashes brand, which ships worldwide, has had four complaints against it upheld by the Advertising Standards Authority for Ireland

And another pointed out that a set of Lolly lashes were advertised on the brand’s website as faux mink, but an Instagram conversation said they were in fact made from real fur. 

Mink fur is widely used in the beauty industry to make false eyelashes and does not require the animals to be killed, with most brands claiming it’s harvested by trimming, brushing or collecting fallen hair. 

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However, the animal rights organisation PETA has claimed it’s impossible for this process to be humane, as minks must be kept in cages for it to take place. 

It describes their living quarters as generally being ‘small, depressing, cramped wire cages in highly unsanitary conditions.’ 

One complaint against the company was that its Lolly lashes (pictured) were described as ‘faux mink’ online when they are in fact made from real fur. The brand has since corrected the error 

BiaBelle Beauty told the ASAI they had researched their supplier in China and had an agent visit the premises to be certain everything was in order, as well as speaking to them directly about welfare standards. 

They had obtained a certificate consisting of a typed document that read:  ‘Our mink fur eyelash is made of 100% mink fur. 

‘The mink has not been killed, the hair is only cut down. It’s cruelty-free. We hereby certify!’

However, the ASAI sought the advice of an expert from the UCD School of Veterinary Medicine who said that the term ‘cruelty free’ is negated by any use of animals in product development.

BiaBelle Beauty sells a product range of 18 different types of false lashes, including those makde from real mink fur 

They also branded the certificate ‘inadequate’ as it had been provided by the supplier with a vested interest in marketing their products. 

In relation to the description of the Lolly lashes as ‘faux mink’, the brand said this had been a genuine error, which has since been corrected. 

BiaBelle Beauty, which was set up in 2017, put the error down to experiencing teething problems as a new business, but said mistakes were rectified immediately.  

Minks must be kept in cages to have their fur harvested to be used to make false eyelashes, calling into question claims that it’s a cruelty-free process 





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