‘Bachelorette’ Fans Are Outraged Hannah Sent John Paul Jones Home — Nick Viall Included

Hannah’s choices on The Bachelorette have left more than a few fans confused: specifically, the choice to not send Luke P. home. But now that Hannah sent John Paul Jones home — and kept Luke P. around? Fans have truly had enough — including a certain former Bachelor star.

That’s right: Nick Viall himself took to Twitter to mourn the absence of John Paul Jones on our Monday night TV — and possibly, to offer him some professional advice? We’ve already enjoyed some early speculation that Jones will join the Bachelor in Paradise cast (Reality Steve confirms he’s on the shortlist). And Nick Viall knows a thing or two about appearing on multiple Bachelor shows — in case you’ve forgotten, he was the runner-up on two seasons of The Bachelorette before taking a turn on Paradise — and then having a full Bachelor season of his own. No one’s saying that’s what’s in store for John Paul Jones: but then again, given the massive public response to his turn on The Bachelorette, maybe someone should be. Of course, this is all based off Viall’s tweet to Jones, reading simply: "Hey John Paul Jones … call me." More likely, Viall just wants to interview Jones on his podcast — but a girl can dream.

Of course, the sting wasn’t entirely that Hannah sent John Paul Jones home at all. It’s the fact that she sent Jones home while keeping Luke P. around that really had fans in a huff. Even if no one thoroughly expected Hannah to end up with Jones in the long run (frankly, he’s more Paradise material), he’d done nothing to warrant being sent home so far. If Hannah wasn’t feeling the chemistry, that’s obviously reason enough — but compared to someone who has done plenty to warrant being sent home (ahem, Luke P.), it seems like an oversight.

Let’s take a look at their past performance: Luke P. has started fights with multiple men in the house (physically and otherwise), lied to Hannah’s face, and creepily inquired about what she was wearing on a date with a different man. John Paul Jones, on the other hand, has coolly avoided conflict, maintained the handsome looks of a Disney prince, and — as one particularly astute tweet points out — affirmed his love of chicken nuggets at every possible moment. Think about it, Hannah: do you want to spend your days with the violent CrossFit enthusiast, or the affable chicken-nugget feasting goofball?

On the bright side, other fans of The Bachelorette seem to agree that we’ll be seeing John Paul Jones in Paradise.

But mostly, they simply don’t understand why someone like Luke P. could win out over the lovable Jones — and they’re using every pop culture reference in the book to make their feelings of frustration and disbelief known.

Hopefully, Hannah will come to her senses and send Luke P. home before the night is through. But either way, we’ll have to wait until Paradise (hopefully!) to see John Paul Jones grace our screens again. Among Bachelorette fans, it’s clear his legend will live on.

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