Amber Heard admits to hitting ‘f–king baby’ Johnny Depp in court audio

A recording that Johnny Depp secretly made after a fight with then-wife Amber Heard — in which she calls him “a f–king baby’’ and admits, “I hit you’’ — was introduced in British court Monday.

Depp’s camp produced the tape, which was previously made public, to hammer Heard over her claims that she was never physically violent with the “Pirates of the Caribbean actor.’’

The recording, part of which was played in court, included Depp insisting that Heard punched him with “a closed fist,” prompting her to fire back at him, “That’s the difference between me and you. You’re a f–king baby. You are such a baby. Grow the f–k up, Johnny.

“I’m sorry that I didn’t hit you across the face in a proper slap, but I was hitting you, it was not punching you,’’ Heard said.

“I did not f–king deck you. I f–king was hitting you.

“Babe, you’re not punched.

“I don’t know what the motion of my actual hand was, but you’re fine, I did not hurt you, I did not punch you, I was hitting you. I can’t promise you I won’t get physical again,” she added.

“God, I f–king sometimes get so mad, I lose it.”

Depp said at one point on the tape, “I left last night, honestly, I swear to you, because I just couldn’t take the idea of more physicality, more physical abuse on each other.

“Because had we continued it, it would have gotten f–king bad. And baby, I told you this once.

“I’m scared to death we are a f–king crime scene right now.”

Heard said, “I did start physical fights, yes, so you did the right thing.”

Then she added, but “What is your excuse when there’s no physical fight … and you still run away?

“You can still call me names. You’re a hypocrite, you’re a baby. If they give a taste of it to you, you f–king lose it, but yet you dish it out.’’

Depp said, “If things get physical, we have to separate. We have to be apart from one another.

“Whether it’s for f–king an hour or 10 hours or f–king a day. We must. There can be no physical violence towards each other. … So that we don’t f–king kill each other or f–king worse, you know, f–king really kill each other or f–king break up or whatever.”

The actress testified Monday — her first day on the witness stand — that she only threw things at times “to escape” her physically and mentally abusive hubby.

“When I felt my life was threatened, I tried to defend myself, and that started to happen years into the relationship, years into the violence,” Heard said.

“Before that, I didn’t even try to defend myself, I just checked out.’’

Depp is suing The Sun of Britain over a 2018 headline in which it called him a “wife-beater,’’ based on Heard’s claims that the actor assaulted her more than a dozen times during their twisted relationship. He has denied beating her.

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