All The Clues That Mark & Jessica Aren’t Together After ‘Love Is Blind’

Spoilers ahead for Episodes 1-9 of Love Is Blind. After watching their emotional rollercoaster of an engagement, you might suspect that Mark and Jessica aren’t together after Love Is Blind. Based on their social media profiles, that suspicion is likely a valid one. First of all, Mark follows Jessica on Instagram, but she doesn’t follow him back. If they were together, they would either follow each other, or both not follow each other in order to avoid spoilers. The lack of reciprocity from Jess shows a clear disconnect between them.

Additionally, Jessica has been pretty inactive on Instagram in the year and a half since filming wrapped, and the locations of her few posts flip-flop from Chicago to Los Angeles — not Atlanta, where Mark lives (she did mention she travels a lot for work on the show, but you’d think she’d have at least one post from home).

However things pan out between the two in the upcoming finale, Jessica says she has no regrets. "I learned a lot about myself through the experiment, so I wouldn’t change it for the world," she tells Bustle, though she adds that she wouldn’t recommend going on the show to everyone. "You’re [trying to find] a husband in a matter of 10 days, so you really have to be in a spot where you know what you want and you’re emotionally available to commit."

For Mark, meanwhile, the experience led to a lot of personal growth. "After the [show], I did a lot of self-reflecting and really dug deep within myself, and I went to therapy," he says. "This whole experience has taught me how to look more for answers within myself as opposed to seeking them out for other people."

He adds that he wouldn’t be where he is today if it weren’t for his time with Jess. "I came out of it a new man, so I’m super thankful."

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