Aldi launches triple pigs in blankets next month costing £2.99

Three little pigs… in blankets! Aldi TRIPLES the helping of sausages wrapped in bacon in a new twist on the classic Christmas side dish

  • Aldi will launch the triple pigs in blankets costing £2.99 on December 6  
  • Caramelised onion sausages are wrapped in honey cured smoked bacon
  • The supermarket will also introduce a foot long pig in blanket next month 

As the festive season draws ever closer supermarkets are releasing a whole host of novelty Christmas in a bid to win over their customers.

And Aldi is offering meat lovers a real treat this December in the form of its triple pigs in blankets.

The budget supermarket has launched the Specially Selected Three Little Pigs wrapped in bacon £2.99 (288g) which will go on sale from December 6.

The three caramelised onion cocktail British pork sausages are wrapped in honey cured smoked bacon rashers.

Aldi will launch triple pigs in blankets costing £2.99 on December 6, containing three caramelised onion cocktail British pork sausages wrapped in honey cured bacon 

Ahead of the launch Twitter users have shared their excitement over the new product online.

One wrote: ‘Aldi are now selling triple pigs in blankets, what a time to be alive.’

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‘Aldi are doing footlong pigs in blankets and triple pigs in blankets. Pass it on (sic)’ tweeted another. 

And this isn’t the only new pork product to hit Aldi’s aisles with the supermarket also launching a giant pig in blanket.  

From 6th December and for only £2.99, customers can pick up two foot-long British pork sausages wrapped in streaky bacon, the perfect treat for a festive feast. 

As well as regular pigs in blankets the budget supermarket has also launched a foot-long pig in blanket costing £2.99 for two

Shoppers have taken to Twitter ahead of the launch to share their excitement 

They follow in the footsteps of Asda who has also introduced the oversize sausage to its festive food range. 

The Extra Special Ultimate Pig in Blanket is made with over 500g of succulent British Red Tractor pork and wrapped with 100g of juicy rashers of British dry cured streaky bacon. 

Not only does the meaty masterpiece measure a foot long, it’s 45mm deep, trumping all other Christmas sausages.

Last month Asda unveiled its Extra Special Ultimate Pig in Blanket (pictured) which is a foot long and feeds ten people for just £5

Weighing a total of 650g and serving up to 10 people, the succulent sausage can be enjoyed by the whole family and comes in at a budget friendly £5. 

Eager customers won’t have to wait until Christmas to shop the sausage in-store, but can get their hands on the Extra Special Pig in Blanket as it launched on October 22.

The gluten-free and can be cooked straight from frozen – perfect for forgetful chefs.

ASDA’s new Extra Special Ultimate Pig in Blanket is available in ASDA stores now with an RRP of £5. 

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