After Missing for 6 Months, Pet Snake Appears Inside Donated Couch at Texas Goodwill

It’s the Goodwill donation of nightmares for some, but good news for others.

According to NBCDFW, Austin Pair of Fort Worth, Texas, lost his snake Toki six months ago. The man returned from a vacation and couldn’t find his pet reptile anywhere, even after tearing apart his home.

As time passed, Pair accepted that somehow Toki was gone. He recently moved to a new place and as part of the process donated a couch and some other objects to Goodwill Industries of Fort Worth. Unknown to Pair, among those items was his beloved albino red-tailed boa.

Goodwill employee James Murphy was the first to realize a pet was part of Pair’s donation, finding Toki hidden in Pair’s couch while moving items at the Goodwill warehouse.

Murphy, who has found mice and insects among donations before, says this is his first snake at work, but luckily the worker is a snake owner himself, so he knew how to handle his find. Toki went home with Murphy until the slithery misunderstanding was figured out.

News of the odd Goodwill donation spread fast: One of Pair’s friends recognized Toki during a news segment about the snake’s discovery and called up Pair.

After missing for more than six months, Goodwill had Toki back wrapped around Pair’s arms in less than one week. Reunited with his reptile friend, Pair plans to bring Toki to his new home and put him in a more secure enclosure.



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