Acclaimed Chef Jose Andres Has Been Nominated For A Nobel Peace Prize For His Disaster Relief Work

Chef José Andrés is being recognized for his tireless work providing for those in need.

Acclaimed Chef José Andrés is a man of many talents. Although he first became known for his excellent culinary skills and Spanish style dishes, it is not for his cooking that he is now being recognized. According to Today, the chef has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for his tireless disaster relief efforts. He’s visited disaster-stricken places all over the world to aid a helping hand including Guatemala, Florida, and Puerto Rico, just to name a few.

Andrés was desperate to provide relief after seeing the devastation of the major earthquake in Haiti in 2010. He started an organization called World Central Kitchen which is aimed to provide meals for families impacted by disasters. However, his generous work didn’t stop there. When the devastating wildfires raged through California this past month, the chef concentrated his efforts there. Andrés began cooking and didn’t stop. He provided food for thousands of California residents who had nowhere to call home after the tragic fires. On Thanksgiving, he was joined by fellow well-known chefs, Guy Fieri and Tyler Florence, when the group prepared over 15,000 meals for those in need.

Now, many want to recognize Andrés for his selfless actions. Many find it refreshing to see a well known public figure using their platform to help others. It was Rep. John Delaney who will be running in the 2020 presidential race who nominated the chef for a Nobel Peace Prize. “Because of Mr. Andrés’s work, millions of people have been fed. This is the most basic human need and Mr. Andrés has proven to be world-class in this essential humanitarian field,” Delaney said in his nomination.

He went on to emphasize how the work Andrés is doing now will continue to help others in the future. The chef has provided a road map for other humanitarian workers showing how to best feed large numbers of people during a time of crisis. Andrés generous and caring spirit had inspired many to serve others.

When the chef first found out he had been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, he was shocked. Although he is grateful for the recognition, he feels that the spotlight shouldn’t all be on him. “I don’t know if it is true, but if it is, I’m humbled by it. I’m one more guy between thousands of people helping feed people in need, every day around the world, unrecognized…,” he said when he got the news.

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