5G Truthers Bought Faraday Cages to Protect Their Routers. They’re Mad They Worked.

Let’s say you hate 5G and genuinely believe it causes cancer or spreads COVID-19, despite there being no evidence to support those wild conspiracies. To shield 5G’s myriad evils, then, you put your WiFi router in a metallic box that “blocks about 90 percent” of the signal. There! Now you’re instantly protected from those treacherous waves of radiation!

This may sound like a made-up scenario, but 5G truthers really have bought these devices in droves. There’s just one small problem with their fool-proof plan: The kinds of containers that truly do block all electromagnetic radiation are called Faraday cages, and they’re not the same thing as these so-called “router guards” that look like glorified mesh file organizers. If they were real Faraday cages, none of your home WiFi signal would come through.

There are scores of sketchy companies waiting to cash in on customers who believe in 5G-related conspiracy theories, including the brands “Router Guard” and “EMF Essentials.” These scams aren’t necessarily new, but the Amazon product listings have gone viral after a December 2 tweet pointed out the irony of the whole ordeal.

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