4 Flirty Myers-Briggs Personality Types Who Will Make You Swoon

We all know that person (or maybe it’s you) who’s a consummate flirt. Often without even realizing it, they turn on the charm and there’s just a magnetic vibe to all their interactions. If flirting was an Olympic sport, they’d definitely bring home the gold — and a new love interest. Chances are the person you’re picturing now is one of the flirty Myers-Briggs personality types who’ve got a very special gift of gab.

These personality types tend to be very outgoing, charismatic, and confident, so for them, chatting up someone they’re attracted to is just about as easy as breathing. And honestly, they do it just about as steadily. They just have a knack for banter and aren’t afraid to use it. The one thing to look out for, though, is that while they definitely flirt with people they’re interested in, a few of these types do it so effortlessly they don’t even realize they’re flirting with people they aren’t pursuing. Because, when they turn their charm on you, it’s electric, and it can feel like you’re the only two people in the world.

Here are the Myers-Briggs personality types that are likely to sweep you off your feet with their advanced flirting game.

ENFJ (The Protagonist)

This personality type’s outgoing nature and have a gift for empathy makes them a formidable flirt. They’re very tuned in to other people’s emotions and needs, and they can use this to their flirtatious advantage by making whoever they’re chatting up feel truly seen. They also just derive second-hand pleasure from making others feel good, so they’re more than happy to lay on the compliments and boost your ego. And when they’re really interested, look out, because ENFJs have no problem going after what they want.

ENTJ (The Commander)

ENTJs command attention with their larger-than-life personality and wicked sense of humor. They’re natural leaders who are not afraid to make the first move if they’re attracted to someone. They leverage their quick wit and confidence to great effect, making whoever has their attention laugh and eventually swoon. It’s hard not being swept up in the charisma of this powerhouse personality.

ENTP (The Debater)

ENTPs love a challenge and they view seduction as the ultimate puzzle. They take an analytical tack with their flirting. It starts with engaging in a deep conversation to get to know the object of their affection better, then progresses to using what they know to formulate the best strategy for flirting. They’re very social and are great communicators, so they have plenty of opportunities to hone their flirting skills.

ESFP (The Entertainer)

ESFPs are super outgoing, friendly, and the epitome of being a “people person.” They ooze charisma and can’t help making friends and fans everywhere they go. What they don’t realize is that all this magnetism can easily be mistaken for flirtation. Everyone who meets them feels like they’re having a special moment, so they tend to leave a trail of unintentionally broken hearts and unrequited love in their path. They don’t mean any harm by this, they just love people, and the attention that being a social butterfly earns them.

If it turns out you’re one of these personality types, then you already know how powerful a strong flirt game can be. (If you’re not sure of your personality type, you can take an online test to find out.) And if you’re just looking for someone to have a cheeky little chat with, now you know who can keep up with your banter. Be careful, though, because they might just steal your heart.

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