10 desks and accessories that will make WFH that much better

As coronavirus (COVID-19) made its way across the United States, many traditional office jobs transitioned to a work from home setup. In fact, some industry leaders, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Spotify, have announced that employees may WFH permanently—even after the virus comes under control.

If you are apart of the one-third of Americans who are working from home due to the coronavirus, then it is about time you invest in a workspace that you feel good about. To help you find a desk that fits your needs, we rounded up 10 best-sellers on sale right this minute.

Mount-It! Height Adjustable Sit-Stand Desk Converter, now on sale for $182.99 (8% off)

Place this desk converter on top of your existing desk to enjoy working while sitting or standing.

WorkEZ Best Laptop Stand with Mouse Pad, now on sale for $33.99 (15% off)

Whether you like to sit on your couch or prefer to stand while you work, this ergonomic laptop stand and lap desk is a great option for maximum comfort.

Lift Sit-to-Stand Desk Accessory, now on sale for $329.99 (17% off)

Made with gorgeous light bamboo and equipped with organizational shelves, this lift-to-stand desk accessory is the perfect addition to any home decor.

Anti-Fatigue Mat with Double-Ball Insert, now on sale for $89.99 (14% off)

Made with high-density, performance-grade rubber foam, this standing mat reduces pain and fatigue associated with standing for long periods of time.

RiseUp Electrical Height Adjustable Standing Desk, now on sale for $369.99 (17% off)

Optimize your sitting and standing posture with this quickly-adjustable desk featuring dual motors, 3-stage lifting columns, memory keypad, and anti-collision.

CHANGEdesk MINI Standing Desk Converter, now on sale for $84.99 (15% off)

Designed for even the smallest of spaces, this mini desk converter allows you to transform any table into a workable standing desk.

Electric CHANGEdesk: Height Adjustable Standing Desk, now on sale for $199 (20% off)

Quickly move from sitting to standing with just the press of a button when you use this electric desk converter.

Portable Lazy Laptop Desk, now on sale for $134.95 (32% off)

If you prefer to work from your bed, then this lap desk featuring a versatile gadget holder is a great pick.

CD4 Standing Desk Converter, now on sale for $71.99 (20% off)

With adjustable tilt and height, this standing desk converter can help to correct both your sitting and standing posture.

LIFT Standing Desk Conversion, now on sale for $79.99 (20% off)

Find the perfect height for your needs with 6 adjustable settings ranging from 13″ to 20″.

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