Spoilers: Ryder arrested over sex tape in Home and Away

Ryder’s (Lukas Radovich) budding relationship with Jade (Mia Morrissey) has hit a snag after he saw her stealing cash while on the job at Salt. She managed to convince him she was sending money home to her family, and he sorted out a rent extension with Alf (Ray Meagher) for her.

However, it isn’t long before Ryder catches her pocketing cash again, and he gives her an ultimatum – if she doesn’t tell Mackenzie (Emily Weir) what she’s doing, he will.

It becomes clear that Jade isn’t going to confess, so he turns to Mac and tells her everything. Mackenzie is livid and immediately has Jade arrested. Ryder is taken aback and begins to regret spilling the beans.

When Jade comes back from the station, Ryder is full of regret, but she surprises him by making her own apology for stealing and luring him back to her van to make things up in the bedroom.

Later on, Colby (Tim Franklin) shows up and asks Ryder to accompany him down to the station. Ryder brings Roo (Georgie Parker) along, and Colby says he has a video clip to share. He tries to get Roo to leave, but Ryder says she can stay.

Ryder is stunned to discover the clip is of himself and Jade having sex. Colby says that Jade claims Ryder filmed the sex tape and uploaded it without his consent. She’s left an incriminating trail on his phone – so Ryder is under arrest…

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