Spoilers: Robbo kills a man in tense Home and Away scenes?

Robbo’s (Jake Ryan) anguish over Jasmine’s (Sam Frost) abduction intensifies when the investigation reaches a standstill, with no further information to go off. Having barely eaten or slept in days, Robbo is desperate to find a lead.

Colby (Tim Franklin) is worried about Robbo’s wellbeing, but Robbo is distracted by a DNA match which gives him the name of one of the men who took his wife – Lenny Gordon (Joseph Del Re). He rushes out to track Lenny down, who is hanging on to life and awaiting treatment at Northern Districts Hospital.

Desperate to find answers about Jasmine, Robbo barricades himself into the room with him, and presses Lenny for information that could lead him to his wife. Dr Alex (Zoe Ventoura) realises she can’t get into the room, and starts hammering at the door, begging Robbo to let her in so she can give Lenny the treatment he needs. However, Robbo refuses to listen, continuing to intimidate Lenny for information.

When Colby arrives at the hospital, Dr Alex fills him in. The two try to get into the room, but the door has been shut off well. Meanwhile, Robbo presses Lenny for information, but Lenny won’t go beyond saying Jasmine is alive for fear that Des will hunt him down.

A panicked Dr Alex tells Colby that Lenny is developing septicaemia, and if they can’t get in there to treat him soon, he could die. Colby passes on this information to Robbo, but Robbo is insistent – Lenny has to give up Jasmine’s location before he’s allowed treatment. Is Robbo about to cause Lenny’s death in his desperation to find his wife?

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