Spoilers: Murder in Home and Away as Summer Bay resident kills Tommy

Irene’s (Lynne McGranger) court case is finally over, with the verdict revealing that, while the jury found her guilty of assaulting Tommy (Adam Sollis), her sentence wasn’t going to involve jail time. Instead, Irene would need to keep attending her support group to deal with the trauma from the abuse which triggered her into the violent act.

With the drama appearing to be behind them, an upbeat Leah (Ada Nicodemou) plans to whisk Justin (James Stewart) away for a short break as a thank you for being so supportive. But her plans go out of the window when Irene reveals Tommy is launching a massive civil case against her.

After speaking to her lawyer, Irene goes on to say that Tommy wants a million dollars, and intends to take her for everything she’s got. This means Leah and the Diner will be dragged into the case too.

What’s more, her lawyer has advised that the best course of action would be for her to offer him a settlement – which Leah strongly opposes. Why should they give him money after what he did to Bella (Courtney Miller)? However, Irene insists that this time, Leah needs to let her take the lead.

Later, Irene reveals she’ll need to sell her house and use the money to pay Tommy if she wants to avoid Leah and the Diner being affected by the case. However, Leah insists that Irene needs to fight him, and she eventually concedes. She contacts the support group for help, which comes in the form of Teresa (Simone McAullay).

Unfortunately, Teresa’s ideas all revolve around slander, which Irene and Leah know will only backfire on them. Eventually, the two women manage to get rid of Teresa. However, she returns when Irene is closing up the Diner, full of intense feelings. Irene says her hands are tied and she can’t do anything to stop Tommy.

The next morning, Irene is at the Diner when Teresa appears, covered in blood. She says that when Irene said her hands were tied, she realised that her own weren’t. She went ahead and took care of Tommy for good…

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