Home and Away spoilers: Bella meets a mysterious stranger online

Bella (Courtney Miller) has been struggling with school and home life ever since moving to the Bay to live with Colby (Tim Franklin), and after her antics became too much, Irene (Lynne McGranger) volunteered to give her some rigid structure for a while by living with her. While things are slowly starting to improve, it’s clear there are still some parts of school life that Bella is being sneaky about – and this could just land her in trouble all over again.

Irene ungrounds Bella so she can go and take photos with Ryder (Lukas Radovich) for her photography assignment, but realises the teen hasn’t been telling the whole truth about her homework when Roo (Georgie Parker) asks about the English assignment in the Diner – which Bella hasn’t mentioned at all.

When Irene confronts Bella on the assignment later on, she tries to give it a shot, but can’t relate to the subject matter, and asks Irene what the point is in her even trying to do school. All she wants to do is become a photographer, so writing essays is hardly going to help.

Irene runs out of arguments, and talks to Roo about the situation, but Roo shuts it down, saying Bella isn’t the only kid with learning difficulties, and she’ll get through to Bella somehow herself. She drops by to check on Bella’s progress, and encourages her to use her own emotions about the past to relate to the essay.

Bella finally makes a breakthrough, and is relieved when Roo gives her the stamp of approval for her essay. But she says her anxiety will come back whenever she has to do work without someone to help her, so Roo suggests she find people like her to talk to in online study forums. Bella signs up, and later on, Irene and Willow (Sarah Roberts) find her absorbed in the laptop.

What they don’t know is that, while she is on a study forum, she’s talking to a mysterious stranger called TomCat. The pair are messaging constantly and getting closer very quickly – who is TomCat and could he spell danger for Bella?

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