‘Extremely fast-acting’ 29p method to kill patio weeds – ‘results in brown withered weeds’

Envirobond: How to remove weeds from your Paving stone joints

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Gardeners share a common enemy in weeds, with unwanted, fast-growing plants popping up in nuisance areas. This can be among flowers, on lawns, in borders or even in-between patios. Many weeds are an eyesore, sprouting up quickly and taking over spaces – however, gardeners can use kitchen cupboard essentials to get rid of them. Gardening experts at Inch Calculator have shared several ways to prevent and get rid of weeds on a patio.

When installing or refreshing a patio, weed growth is something to think about. 

Getting rid of weeds on your patio can seem like a pain because they are experts at finding places to grow.

But don’t worry, you’re not defenceless against weeds and other invasive plants.

While the best way to get rid of weeds is to prevent them from growing in the first place, there are several ways to remove those that have already started to grow on your pavers.

The experts explained that white vinegar is a natural household product that is safe to use as a weed killer. 

They said: “Vinegar has acetic acid, which draws the moisture out of plants causing them to die. 

“Vinegar is extremely fast-acting and will result in brown, withered weeds within 24 hours.”

Because vinegar is harmful to all plants, it should be applied using a spray bottle and overspray should be controlled.

The gardening pros continued: “For longer-lasting results, mix one gallon of white vinegar, two cups of table salt, and one tsp of concentrated dish soap and spray on all the weeds and cracks in the patio.

“The high concentration of salt in this formula prevents them from growing back.”

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Baking soda can also be used to kill weeds “effectively”.

The experts explained: “Simple household baking soda may be all you need for your weed problems, especially if you want to kill weeds growing near decorative plants you’d like to keep. 

“Baking soda is a natural product that will not contaminate your property or landscaping and is safe for the environment.”

Baking soda, or sodium bicarbonate, works by overloading the weed with salt.

This then causes the weeds to dry out to the roots and die.

The gardening gurus detailed how to go about getting rid of weeds using this fine powder.

They said: “To get rid of weeds with baking soda, moisten them with your garden hose and then sprinkle the soda on top of the entire weed.

“To prevent weeds from growing in your paving, you can pour baking soda all over the paved area and then sweep it into the cracks. 

“You should reapply every four to six weeks. 

“This method works the fastest during spring and fall but can still work during summer.

Salt is another natural product that you can use to kill weeds. 

Gardeners should start by using a three to one ratio of water and salt and apply it to the area very carefully.

However, keep in mind that salt water will also kill other plants, so take care to apply it only to the weeds.

The gardening experts added: “Like the baking soda and vinegar methods, this is effective since salt dries out the plants to the roots and has a lasting effect.”

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