3D wall art

Objects seem to project out from a painting or photo, and the effect is mesmerising. By Nandhini Sundar

When it comes to decorating the interiors, be it residential or commercial, the largest expanse of space that greets as well as confounds the decorator is the seemingly never ending blank walls. On most occasions, finding the right artwork for them to complement the rest of the interiors proves to be a challenge.

Customarily, the décor elements on the walls serve as stunning highlight pieces that set the tone of an interior. The décor element chosen, not surprisingly, tends to be an expensive painting or a wall mount that is unique in artwork, thus becoming the accent piece.

Many a time the choice tends to be a three-dimensional art piece, capturing the eye on entering the space. In its absence, a large painting or photo feature is commonly sought.

But how about a wall décor that combines the painting with a three-dimensional feature, where the object extends from the frame, as a continuation of what prevails within the frame? This would not only be striking but also novel.

The wall décor solutions offered by Isaaka do just that. Conceptualised by Deepika and Sakshi Mittal, Isaaka comes with a wide range of wall solutions to cater to the varied emotions and inclinations of the user.

Depicted in a range of collections such as Sports, Floral, Yaad, Rastha, Taste, along with hand painted and customised versions, each piece addresses a specific theme and requirement of the user. For instance, the Yaad collection recalls the past, featuring typewriters, gramophones, and antique phones, to name a few. While the picture frame houses the typewriter, a typed page physically comes out of the frame, bringing in the three-dimensional perspective.

Likewise, the notes physically come out of the gramophone picture locked within the photo frame while an actual wire slips out of the frame housing the retro telephone. These frames, when hung on the wall, bring in a completely different feel to the space.

Says Sakshi, “The idea was to offer wall solutions that are affordable, yet serve as stunning pieces. Wall solutions are normally either two-dimensional paintings or photo features. There has never been a combination of a three-dimensional art piece with a wall painting. We decided to combine the two and come up with a solution that is totally novel and captivating, yet budget sensitive.”

The Rastha collection has an equally interesting spread, starting from the now almost extinct cyclerickshaw to motorbikes, bicycles, and train tracks, to mention a few. While actual miniature tyres and wheels slip out of the frames for the bicycles, an interesting wooden railway track connects to the tracks within the frame.

“The tyres and the mud guard as well as the spokes are handmade. Depending on the item featured, the materials used vary”, explains Sakshi. “Some prefer a customised item in which case the single piece is designed to specifications.” While most of the collections feature photographs, there is also a hand painted collection which fuses three-dimensional elements. “In the hand painted collection, acrylic paints are used for the art in combination with ceramic cups and saucers to depict the rush of colours into the picture frame. The richness of the colours and the presence of mugs and saucers physically glued on to the frames, lends a totally different feel to an interior space.”

The wall décor on offer also has a range that addresses taste buds as “taste is a strong part of emotions and desires.”

Be it real coffee seeds pouring out of a ceramic cup to join the stream of hot coffee depicted in the picture frame or delicious grapes dropping out of the frame while a handmade miniature wine opener features on top, ready to open the wine and serve from within the frame, the options are aplenty.

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