You Will Still Need To Choose Between White and Dark Meat With PERDUE's Thanksgiving Turkey Nuggets

As Thanksgiving celebrations this year are set to feature smaller gatherings, PERDUE is looking to offer another option for the holiday. ThanksNuggets is a limited-time offering that packs all the flavors of a traditional Thanksgiving feast. It is important to note you will still need to choose between white and dark meat.

The drumstick-shaped dark meat nugget is inspired by traditional sides like cranberry sauce and stuffing, while the turkey-shaped white meat nugget is inspired by everyone’s favorite Thanksgiving vegetable: sweet potato.

Also marking PERDUE’s 100th anniversary, 100 bags of the limited-edition ThanksNuggets will be available for sale just before Thanksgiving. Priced at $19.20 USD, the 24-ounce package features separately wrapped dark and white meat nuggets. Proceeds will go towards helping PERDUE donate protein to provide Thanksgiving meals for 500 Junior Enlisted Members and Families of the 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg, N.C.

Head over to the special landing site to learn more about the ThanksNuggets and look for the limited-edition release to be available starting November 13, 12 p.m. EST on PERDUE’s website.

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