Woman reveals hack which stops herbs and spices 'clumping up' at bottom of jar

A home cook has revealed a simple-yet-effective way to stop herbs and spices ‘clumping up’ at the bottom of their jars.

Posting on Facebook, the Australian woman said she was frustrated that her herb and spice selection kept turning into solid clumps when she left them in the cupboard for a while.

She went on to explain that an old trick involving rice works for solving this problem.

She wrote: ‘An old wives’ tale that actually works is you should put a grain of rice through one of the holes inside the jar.’

This is because the rice absorbs any moisture in the jar – which is the culprit behind the clumps.

Other people were quick to share their alternative methods, explaining that split peas and dried beans also work alongside storing the jars upside down, to limit any air getting in from the outside.

Someone added: ‘Make sure they are always stored in a dark, cool place. Never shake them over a steaming pot and you can even add un-popped popcorn to the containers to prevent this [air getting in].’

However, it seems herbs and spices are not the only products which can benefit from being stored upside down.

Ice cream should be flipped over in the freezer as this prevents the ice crystals from forming on the surface – also known as freezer burn. This happens when the moisture in the ice cream evaporates and refreezes on the surface – leaving crystals on top. 

Another woman on Facebook claims that storing jars upside down in the fridge makes them last longer and prevents waste.

She wrote: ‘A great tip to stop food in jars from going mouldy once you open them is to store them upside down in the fridge. It seals them and stops them from going bad, which saves you time and money.’

This can be especially great for peanut butter as it helps distribute the oils evenly throughout, which means it can be spread without being stirred first.

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