The Bachelor's Ben Higgins Is Fulfilling His 'Childhood Dream' of Opening a Restaurant

Dreams really do come true—just ask Ben Higgins!

The former Bachelor star served up some happy news on Monday when he revealed to his fans and followers that his lifelong goal of opening a restaurant is coming to fruition.

In a post titled “Working on My Childhood Dream: A Restaurant” on his website Mahogany Workplace, Higgins, 29, announced that he is part of the team opening new Denver-based restaurant Ash’Kara next month.

The dream of opening a restaurant was first planted during his childhood, when Higgins would visit a restaurant called Stacy’s — named after the owner — in his home state of Indiana, which “served steaks, a red drink my grandma would order sheepishly — she’d giggle after drinking it — and the best pre-frozen calamari that side of the Tippy river had to offer.”

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The Generous Coffee co-founder detailed that “the atmosphere was even better than the food. Christmas lights hung from the tiled ceiling. The bar’s massive mirror made the restaurant look twice its size, ashtrays lined tables covered in plastic tablecloths, and smoking was allowed.”

He also shared that the “most memorable part of Stacy’s was the corner booth. I always wanted to sit in this intimate space. The reason: It’s where my hero, Stacy, sat.”

Reflecting on his years visiting the restaurant, Higgins now realizes that “the real reason I wanted to be in that booth” is because he desires “a connection with people. And I’ve seen the power of connecting by breaking bread with others.”

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Earlier this year, his dream became a reality when his fried Juan Padro presented the opportunity to invest in Ash’Kara, which will serve Israeli and Middle Eastern food, according to Eater Denver.

“When the establishment opens later this year, I’ll partly own a restaurant and be a little bit closer to becoming Stacy,” said Higgins. The restaurant will also be a physical representation of “the power of breaking bread.”

Higgins, a devout Christian, also noted how “Jesus chose dinner to create memorable moments.”

“He gave his friends worldview-changing news during a supper, which transformed history forever,” said Higgins. “I know nothing else than to follow Jesus’s lead in life.”

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