Sam’s Club is selling grapes that taste just like grape soda

It rocked our worlds when Cotton Candy grapes hit the market. It turns out people love fruit that’s good for you and tastes like a spun-sugar treat from the circus. No surprise, the latest designer grape sounds just as good. Look out for Grape Soda grapes at Sam’s Club!

Do the grapes actually taste like soda?

Yep! It’s not hard to imagine since grape soda is already, well, grape-flavored. But we’ve heard each grape tastes just like candy. Fortunately, there’s no added sugar, so grapes are still a healthy snack with plenty of anti-aging benefits. You’ll have to try the Grape Soda grapes for yourself to decide whether or not the fruit tastes like sipping on your favorite soda.

How is this even possible? It’s possible to cross-breed standard grapes to create all kinds of unusual grapes. (You may have seen some of ’em at the grocery store, like Gum Drops and Moon Drops.) The grapes are perfect for snacking, of course, but we think they’d be particularly good frozen or in a grape slushie. You could even use the Grape Soda grapes to make a popular potluck salad, like this one!

Where can I find the Grape Soda grapes?

Ready to see if these grapes live up to all the excitement? Then head to your nearest Sam’s Club. You can buy Grape Soda Grapes for a limited time at select Sam’s Club stores. The grapes come packed in a 3-pound box. You might need to visit multiple locations if you really want to get your hands on these grapes because a bunch of people are talking about them! It’ll be a lot harder to find grape ice cream.

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Cotton Candy Grapes

With the cotton candy grape, Californian plant breeders have found a way to make grapes taste more like candy, in a natural way. For $6 per pound, the cotton candy grapes could be a good substitute for junk food for kids and adults alike. They have about 12 percent more sugar than regular grapes, but still a lot less than a snack like raisins, which have over three times the amount of carbs.

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