Panera's Unlimited Coffee Deal Will Have You Kissing Starbucks Goodbye

If you’ve ever tried to balance a coffee addiction with a strict monthly budget, then you know how expensive the habit can get. In fact, the average American spends about $1,000, or $92 a month, on coffee, and chances are you or someone you love might spend a *lot* more than that. But Panera is coming in with a new way to buy coffee that could significantly reduce how much you spend on your buzzy morning elixir without draining your bank account: an $8.99/month unlimited coffee subscription plan. That’s only $107.88 a year, about a tenth of what the average coffee drinker spends. Where do we sign up?

Beginning on March 2nd, users of the MyPanera reward app can sign up to get unlimited coffee every month at the more than 2,100+ Paneras nationwide for just $8.99. Even better? The subscription includes iced coffee, hot tea, light and dark roast hot coffee, decaf, and hazelnut coffee, and you can even add almond milk for no additional charge.

What’s the catch? As far as we can tell there…isn’t one? For the cost of a Netflix subscription, you’ll be able to drink enough caffeine to get the shakes on a daily basis. Items that aren’t included in the subscription are cold brew iced coffee, and espresso-based beverages.

Now, $8.99 for coffee might sound too good to be true, but Panera is actually known for having pretty decent coffee, especially for it being a chain restaurant. Their coffee is sourced sustainably, and they tell you where the beans come from so you can learn about the region of the world that’s responsible for what’s in your cup. The coffee urns also tell you when the coffee was brewed, so you’re always ensured a fresh cup.

If you find yourself constantly overspending on coffee but unable to cut back, Panera’s unlimited monthly coffee subscription might just be for you.

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