Mum makes 'game-changing' pasta bake with just four ingredients

An Australian mum has shared a pasta bake recipe that only takes 30 seconds to throw together.

The mum shared her recipe on a Facebook page where she revealed she only spent $11 (£6.27) on all the products from Aldi.

All you need to make the dish is frozen broccoli bake, cauliflower bake, a pack of pasta shells and milk.

You then just put it altogether in an overproof tray and let it bake for 40 minutes.

And voila, you have a delicious pasta bake ready for dinner.

Other followers of the Facebook group were delighted with the idea, calling it a ‘game-changer’.

Another wrote: ‘OMG stop this is an amazing idea!’

Some people had suggestions on how they could make the bake even better, adding in their own ingredients, including soup and bits of chicken.

If you’re hoping for the same easy fix dinner just bear in mind that the Aldi Australian stores have different stock to the UK branches.

While the original poster bought Market Fare branded items, you can always find these ingredients in other regular supermarkets.

And don’t worry about the pasta not cooking through easily either.

One poster asked the mum if the pasta would cook without being boiled in water and the poster confirmed that it did.

She wrote: ‘I did add a splash of water because I ran out of milk, but as long as the pasta is covered by liquid it should be all good’.

Others revealed some of the other ingredients they added to the recipe.

One person wrote: ‘We had the cauliflower cheese bake last night and I added extra cream French onion soup mix and cheese on the top – it was so nice with our roast’.

A second added: ‘This is a regular in our house but we add diced chicken.

‘We add cooked chicken and bacon, garlic and onion. So so good,’ added another.

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