McDonald’s employee reveals the secret to getting free food

If you love McDonald’s, then figuring how to get the odd freebie is basically the holy grail.

One employee at the fast food chain has revealed exactly what it takes to get your burger, fries, or whatever you’ve ordered, on the house.

But it’s not quite as simple as smiling nicely and hoping for the best. It’s all about how you respond if service has been slow, or your order is wrong.

In a video on TikTok, Benita Jadah shared how you should respond in that situation to increase your chances of getting a refund – which means free fries baby!

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‘Say we mess up your order or we take really long to bring it out – you’re not gonna believe this,’ she says in the video.

‘If you come in cool and collected we will literally replace your food and probably give you a refund.

‘We’re human too and nobody likes to get yelled at. I get why you’d be upset but you will get so much more and so much further if you come in with a super good attitude.

‘It’s a billion dollar industry they have the money.’

They say the nice guy finishes last, but not in this case. All it takes is a little decency and patience in the face of human error, and you could be rewarded for it.

Since the post blew up, amassing 31,000 likes and hundreds of comments, several McDonald’s employees agreed with Benita and said they saw similar things happen at work.

‘I work at McDonald’s too… and this is true,’ wrote one.

‘That’s true… Just be nice to us and we love you peeps,’ added another.

So now you know. And it couldn’t be simpler.

But, even if you’re not thinking about how to get a free burger – it’s a good idea to be nice to the people who are serving you anyway.

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