Man shares easy recipe for making a giant KitKat with just two ingredients

If a KitKat is good and a KitKat Chunky is better, it stands to reason that a giant KitKat must be absolutely wonderful.

So we bow down to home baker Antos, 19, who has shared a super easy recipe for making your own massive version of a KitKat at home – using just two ingredients.

Antos shared a video of the process on TikTok, writing in the caption: ‘I made a giant Kit-Kat! What other giant foods should I make?’

‘Today I tried to make a giant KitKat,’ he starts the video by saying, before showing himself breaking up a big block of Cadbury Dairy Milk into a bowl over a pan of hot water to melt the chocolate.

Once the chocolate is melted, Antos pours it into a cake tin, adds a layer of wafer biscuits, then pours in more chocolate, repeating the process until the cake tin is full.

The tin and its contents are then left to set in the fridge overnight, then popped out in the morning to serve to your friends (or eat all on your own).

That video has been liked more than 16,000 times and flooded with comments praising Antos for his genius creation.

Since the video blew up, Antos, from Australia, has gone on to fulfil some requests for other giant chocolate bars, including a supersized version of a Crunchie, a really big Twix, and a huge Snickers bar.

How to make a giant KitKat


  • Two large bars of milk chocolate
  • Pack of wafer biscuits


  • Melt your chocolate in a bain-marie – break it up, put it in a glass bowl placed over a saucepan of boiling water, and wait for it to melt
  • Pour some of your chocolate into a loaf tin, smoothing it up the sides
  • Add a layer of wafer biscuits
  • Pour in more chocolate
  • Add in a layer of wafer biscuits
  • Repeat until your loaf tin is full
  • Place in the fridge to set

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