Man finds rude-looking carrot in his food delivery

If laughing at things looking like penises is silly and immature… call us silly and immature.

In the midst of some scary times, we reckon a ridiculous bit of veg is what we all need.

So it’s lucky, then, that Matthew Whitaker, 43, has decided to share his find with the world.

Matthew and his wife Amy, 32, were unpacking the shopping they’d had delivered from Tesco when they came across a very rude-looking carrot.

Said carrot was split down the middle with a little nubbin in the middle, making it look like someone with their legs spread and a penis in between,

Matthew and Amy found this discovery pretty hilarious.

The couple usually buy wonky carrots, but their local store did not have any in when they ordered.

Matthew joked they sent ‘winky’ ones instead.

He said: ‘We’d had it delivered so I was bringing the shopping in from the front door and Amy was unpacking it.

‘She shouted me to come to the kitchen urgently, I thought something was wrong at first.

‘But she was holding a carrot that looked like a pair of legs with a penis on show.

‘When she showed me, we fell about laughing.’

Amy, of St Just in Penwith, Cornwall, shared the phallic find to Facebook with the caption: ‘love rude veg’.

Matthew, originally from Bradford, West Yorks., said: ‘We had a chuckle, it brought a bit of light relief during these uncertain times.”

Matthew said he planned to cook the carrot and eat it as he is a ‘typical Yorkshireman’ and wanted to get his money worth from the shop.

However he added that he won’t let his two young children eat it ‘as it is rude’.

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