Lil Nas X and Gordon Ramsay Make Paninis Together After Viral Twitter Exchange

Lil Nas X got to cooking with Gordon Ramsay, and the results were far from a kitchen nightmare.

The “Old Town Road” rapper, 20, finally met up with the British chef after a viral Twitter exchange, and the two managed to whip up a perfectly toasted set of paninis.

“Me & @gordonramsay made paninis,” the rapper wrote on Twitter Wednesday, adding two bread emojis and a smiley face wearing sunglasses.

Lil Nas also shared two photos, the first of which featured the pair posing in front of a large cabinet of knives, with Ramsay, 52, clutching one and the rapper inexplicably holding an ax.

A second photo showed the newly-minted panini professional in the kitchen with his finished product.

Ramsay also shared a photo showing off their hard work. “Paninis. Done. @LilNasX enjoy,” he wrote on Twitter, tagging Lucky Cat, one of his London restaurants.

Though Ramsay can be known as a hot-head on his cooking reality shows like Kitchen Nightmares and Hell’s Kitchen, Lil Nas wrote on Twitter that the famed chef “sadly” did not yell at him. He also confirmed that, yes, he did use an ax to make his panini.

The meet-up came after Lil Nas — who released a track called “Panini” on his EP 7 — reached out to Ramsay on Twitter and asked him to help him with his cooking skills.

“Teach me how to make paninis while I’m still [in] London,” the rapper wrote in response to Ramsay’s video celebrated his 10 million YouTube subscribers.

“Name the day…” Ramsay replied. Lil Nas then offered up Wednesday, and the rest is history.

He’d previously tweeted, “Tryna get gordon ramsay on this panini remix.”

Ramsay isn’t the first chef to show love for Lil Nas X; last month, Guy Fieri tweeted at the star asking for a “Flavor Town Road Remix,” referencing his famous catchphrase.

He later shared an edited photo proposing a faux Panini album cover, with the two standing next to each other and Fieri holding a stack of paninis.

“Old Town Road” set a record this week as the longest-running No. 1 hip-hop song in history, with 13 weeks atop the Billboard Hot 100.

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