Giant Avozillas are coming to UK shelves for all your guacamole-making needs

What’s better than a perfectly ripe avocado?

A perfectly ripe avocado that’s also absolutely massive, of course.

Fans of the trendiest fruit around will remember that back in the heady days of 2018, everyone on the internet lost their heads over the existence of avozillas – avocados that are far bigger than the size of your regular fruit and weigh over a kilogram each.

Now, said Avozillas are coming to the UK. To Tesco shelves, to be exact.

This Friday, Avozillas will go on sale for £4 a pop at 300 Tesco stores across the country, thanks to a bumper crop grown in South Africa.

The Avozillas weigh a whopping 1.5kg each, – half a kilo heavier than previous yields and bigger than ever before – have an average length of nine inches and a circumference of five inches.

That makes them ten times larger than the average avocado and the biggest avocados we’ve ever seen.

Basically, they’re absolutely giant.

We’d imagine they’re in fact too large to be eaten in one sitting – so you’d better read up on tricks for keeping the leftover avo fresh.

Tesco chilled salad and avocado buyer (what a job) Jordan Blandford said: ‘These amazing whoppers are guaranteed to stop anyone in their tracks.

‘The fruit is extremely rare and comes from just a relatively small number of trees grown by one of the world’s biggest suppliers of avocados, in South Africa.

‘The Avozillas tend to grow in number every other year because the plant is depleted after bearing such large fruit.

‘Last year we hardly had any but this year we also had very good growing conditions and these two factors combined to help produce the far larger fruit.

‘The Avozilla is perfect if you are making a party size portion of guacamole as you only need to remove the skin of one fruit.

‘One of these monsters makes a huge bowl of guacamole.’

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