Forget celery. Bloody Marys come topped with 2 whole fried chickens at this Nashville restaurant.

  • You can get a Bloody Mary topped with two whole fried chickens at Party Fowl. 
  • The Tennessee restaurant has a 55-ounce $50 Bloody Mary called Brunch for Two. 
  • It's also topped with two Scotch eggs, eight fried okra, habaneros, and an entire avocado. 
  • Party Fowl co-owner Austin Smith told Insider that Brunch for Two was a "happy accident" after a long night of drinking. 
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Have you ever found yourself sipping on a Bloody Mary and wishing you had some fried chicken to go along with it? 

Well, then your dream has come true, in the form of a 55-ounce cocktail. 

The mammoth Bloody Mary by Party Fowl in Nashville, Tennessee, is named Brunch for Two, and comes topped with not one but two whole fried Cornish game hens. The drink also comes topped with two Scotch eggs (hard-boiled eggs wrapped in sausage meat and coated in breadcrumbs), eight fried okra, habaneros, and an entire avocado.

One thing it doesn't come with? Celery.

The Brunch for Two comes with two whole fried Cornish hens and two Scotch eggs.

Brunch for Two also has a kick. It's made with Party Fowl's own Nashville Hot Bloody Mary Mix complete with homemade hot chicken seasoning. 

At $50, the drink definitely doesn't come cheap. But, as the name implies, it's meant for sharing. 

You can get a Bloody Mary topped with two fried chickens at Party Fowl in Tennessee.
Party Fowl

Austin Smith, Party Fowl's co-owner, told Insider that Brunch for Two was a "happy accident." 

After Smith had a long night out with some of Party Fowl's staff, his chef Bart Pickens told him: "You look like you could use a Bloody Mary." 

Party Fowl has three locations in Tennessee.
Party Fowl

"I said yes and he asked if I wanted a fried chicken on it, to which I said yes," Smith recalled. "Followed by him asking, 'Want me to put Scotch eggs on there?' and I said 'YES!'" 

"This went on for a while and, while chef was half-joking, I was 100% serious," he added. "Little did we know, this thing would become the beautiful beast that it is. Our Brunch for Two is our deep-fried edible arrangement. It's just plain magical!" 

Party Fowl, which has three locations in Tennessee and is in the midst of opening up another, specializes in hot chicken and all the different things you can do with it. 

Party Fowl specializes in hot chicken.
Party Fowl

There's hot chicken po'boys and hot chicken beignets, hot chicken tenders and tacos, hot chicken queso and nachos, a hot chicken cuban sandwich, and even hot chicken poutine. 

Party Fowl offers hot chicken poutine.
Party Fowl

And there's also hot chicken tacos.
Party Fowl

There's so much hot chicken that there's even a "not hot chicken" section on the menu.

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