Food Picks Podcast: Newly-introduced bamboo noodles menu at Jewel Changi Airport

Food Picks Ep 23: Newly-introduced bamboo noodles menu at Jewel Changi Airport

10:44 mins

Synopsis: Our podcasters from The Straits Times talk about the best eats and drinks, and what you can bring home or get delivered, during this Covid-19 pandemic. 

Money FM’s Bernard Lim hosts The Straits Times’ senior food correspondent Wong Ah Yoke as he shares his food picks this week. 

Bamboo noodles, which were traditionally kneaded by a bamboo pole, are made by machines these days. But they still have that wonderful crisp texture. They are featured in a new menu at Shang Social Market in Jewel Changi Airport.

Try the Three Treasures Homemade Sauce & Bamboo Noodles Platter, which is a sampler of three small bowls featuring different sauces and toppings.

Find out too about the pop-up menu with a British theme at Anti:dote by chef Kirk Westaway as well as the summer offerings at Buona Terra by chef  Denis Lucchi. Tim Ho Wan has also launched a promotion menu of dim sum and other dishes. 

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