Easy hack makes swede mash with no chopping or peeling

Swede is a tasty Winter vegetable, but one that takes it out of you in terms of peeling and chopping.

This easy hack, though, can help you level up your roast dinners with some root veg mash that takes literal minutes and basically no work at all.

The trick – known as ‘screaming swede’ in the Slimming World community – makes use of your microwave to soften up the turnip and make it easy to scoop out and serve.

Shared by Country Gardens greengrocers in Selsey, West Sussex, on Facebook, it’s swept the social media site – with people wondering how they’d never thought of it before.

Business owners Cat and John posted a picture of their budget-friendly swede with the caption: ‘Love swede but don’t love chopping, I know I do. Well, here’s a technique we’ve received from a chef extraordinaire.’

They then wrote how they popped the swede into the microwave (don’t pierce it) for 10 minutes. Turn it after this, being careful as it will be hot, and heat for a further 10 minutes.

Take the turnip out of the microwave after this, scoop out the cooked flesh adding butter or other seasonings, and it’s ready to serve.

This makes it so much easier to enjoy an otherwise labour intensive vegetable, and it’s clearly caught on, being shared over 9,000 times.

In particular, those who have issues with using peelers due to age or health issues praised the technique.

One said: ‘Brilliant! Thank you. I have arthritis in my fingers and find peeling a swede very difficult indeed. 

‘This is the answer to my prayers. Thank you again!’

Another agreed, saying: ‘This is of great help, as it gets harder to peel with your hands as you get older.’

Whether you fancy a roast with an extra trimming, making Jack Monroe’s swede-topped fish pie, or want to speed up your neeps and tatties, this could be the answer.

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