Creator of world's biggest scotch egg says they don't count as a meal

The creator of the world’s biggest scotch egg has admitted that he doesn’t believe the snack counts as a substantial meal – despite creating one that contained a whopping 8000 calories.

Jon Fell created the world’s largest scotch egg – weighing in at a whopping 1 stone, 7lbs and packing an incredible 8,000 calories.

The creative chef, from Egremont in Cumbria, used a huge ostrich egg flown in from Mexico, as well as 1.5 stone of sausage meat, two litres of milk and five loaves of bread to create the mammoth snack.

Jon, 48, spent eight hours rustling up the dish – which was the size of a beach ball and 18 inches in diameter – and it later took 70 people to devour the lot.

However, despite his love for the scotch egg, Jon believes they aren’t really a substantial meal and that the hospitality industry desperately needs more precise information.

‘It’s no secret that I love a good scotch egg, as to whether I think they can be classified as a substantial meal? If they’re as big as our 11.2kg Goliath, then yes. But, I don’t think so really.

‘If I’m being honest, I’m really feeling for many in the industry at this moment in time and it saddens me to say I think it’ll get a whole lot worse before things get better.

‘There needs to be better clarity and precise information, so that we, the hospitality industry can get back to what we do best, hospitality.’

And Jon isn’t the only one worried about how the uncertainty over restrictions is going to impact business owners and hospitality professionals over the coming months.

Ministers have been accused of giving mixed messages as to whether a scotch egg would count as a ‘substantial meal’ for would-be drinkers in England as the country moves back into tier systems – resulting in severe restrictions throughout the hospitality industry.

But, if you were planning on trying to use a scotch egg as an excuse to go out for some pints – it might not quite cut the mustard.

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