Can you cook salmon from frozen?

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We have all forgotten to take frozen items out of the freezer to thaw in time for dinner on occasion. But if you were looking forward to having salmon for dinner or as a quick and easy lunch, you may be wondering if you can cook the fish from frozen. Read on to find out more.

Can you cook salmon from frozen?

The general consensus online is that you can cook salmon from frozen.

You can cook frozen salmon in the oven, on the grill or in the microwave.

But it’s important to allocate more time to cook salmon if you’re cooking it from frozen.

Salmon should be cooked all the way through before serving.

Alaskan chef Erik Slater, the author of the Frozen to Fork cookbook, said: “Cooking frozen salmon comes down to timing and method, and if you follow the right recipe, you will have a perfect piece of fish every time.

“The techniques are the same as cooking fresh salmon; baking, broiling, poaching, searing the fish in a pan, it’s really just a slight adjustment to timing.”

It’s best to buy fish that has been rapidly chilled and frozen after it’s caught, to guarantee freshness.

How to cook salmon from frozen

Keeping fish in the freezer can make for a quick and convenient dinner at a later date.

Famed for their frozen fish products, BirdsEye has included a handy step-by-step guide on their website on how to cook salmon from frozen in the oven.

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BirdsEye says: “Preheat the oven to around 200C, Fan 170C, Gas Mark 6.

“Place the salmon in a baking dish or pan, and add whatever seasoning takes your fancy.

“Even something as simple as a little lemon, salt, and pepper works perfectly.

“Cover the dish or pan with foil, and place it into the oven.

“Bake for approximately five minutes per ounce of fish. If, for example, you have a 6-ounce salmon fillet, allow it to bake for around half an hour.

“Ensure that the salmon fillet is cooked by checking that it’s flaky with a fork.

“Remove, allow it to rest in the dish or pan, and serve!”

If you’re going to cook salmon from frozen, the Martha Stewart website also recommends washing the ice glaze off the fish in advance of cooking.

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