Burger King Japan Wonders: Can a Sandwich Have Too Much Meat?

Burger King‘s Japanese arm doesn’t believe in doing things halfway, as its recent “Ugly Menu” demonstrates. Anything goes when it comes to pushing the boundaries of flavor (and, perhaps, good taste), but the chain’s latest creation may be its most wild to date: meet the “Extreme Super One Pound Beef Burger” and the “Maximum Super One Pound Beef Burger.”

The Maximum Super One Pound Beef Burger is an old favorite, revived to celebrate the debut of the Extreme Super One Pound Beef Burger, which lives up to its name by offering a pound of beef, cheese and toppings (technically it weighs in at a little over 1.1 pounds before grilling). It’s also Burger King Japan’s first bun-free offering, which the company is celebrating by giving “I Did It.” stickers to customers who order the meaty marvel, which the fast food chain describes as “juicy” and “overflowing [with] umami.”

From November 20 until December 3, daring diners can order both styles of Super One Pound Beef Burger at participating Burger King Japan restaurants.

Elsewhere in Japan, more flavor experiments are underway; Kit Kat Japan recently announced a tradition-inspired Aomori apple pie flavor.
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