Brace Yourself: Pillsbury Just Released Lucky Charms Cookie Dough Filled with Marshmallows

Good news: You can eat cookies for breakfast now because Pillsbury is officially selling Lucky Charms cookie dough and it’s stuffed with marshmallows straight from the cereal box.

The sweet treats are available at Walmart for only $2.50, but for in-store pickup only, not available online, so you’ll need to find the closest location.

The news was first revealed by the Instagram account @thejunkfoodaisle, who posted an image of the colorful packaging similar to a Lucky Charms cereal box. Multiple users commented saying they found the dough packages at their local Walmart and were planning on making them right away, while others noted that you could actually make the cookies even gooier by cramming more marshmallows into the dough prior to baking.


There’s enough dough inside each package to make 12 “magically delicious” sugar cookies with Lucky Charms marshmallow bits. Each cookie has 140 calories.

Pillsbury has released limited-edition flavors in the past, including sugar cookies that were strawberry cheesecake and Elf-themed. According to the packaging, these cookies are also limited-edition, so you’ll probably want to run to your local Walmart as soon as you can before they all run out, and judging by the number of comments on @thejunkfoodaisle‘s post, we estimate that they’ll be gone pretty quickly.

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Don’t worry though — if you can’t find these cereal cookies, you can check out some of the other limited-edition holiday foods that are in stock this season, from gingerbread eggnog and candy cane marshmallows to Welch’s holiday-themed Fruit Snacks and a slab of cheddar cheese that’s shaped like Santa Claus.

You can also try to get your hands on one of Milk Bar‘s limited-edition Cinnamon Toast Crunch cookies, which you can find at their New York City, Washington DC, and Los Angeles flagship locations, as well as their Rockefeller Center food truck. The cereal cookies will only be available from Dec. 19-22, so mark your calendars.

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