B&M is selling a birthday cake flavour of Dairy Milk

Dairy Milk might be a classic chocolate bar – but sometimes Cadbury likes to mix it up with some unusual flavours.

Recently we had a mint crisp version for Christmas and a blueberry flavour as part of a competition to design a new bar.

But there’s a new one to try – birthday cake flavour.

There is a little bit of a catch though as it’s only available in stores at B&M.

That’s because it’s actually an Australian bar, which has been imported to the UK.

Mixed in with the chocolate, you’ll find marshmallows, 100s & 1000s and biscuit pieces.

It was first available in the UK on site GB Gifts back in June with a price tag of £1.99 per bar, but is now out of stock.

So seeing the popularity, B&M decided to bring it to selected stores, with bars costing £1.25.

It’s still more than the 70p price of a standard bar in the UK but the extra costs cover the expense of importing it as the flavour is not made here.

The launch of the chocolate bar in store was first picked up by popular foodie Instagrammer, Kev’s Snack Reviews and shoppers are excited.

One user commented: ‘Another trip to B&M needed!!!’

Another added: ‘Oohh I’ve had these. Really nice.’

Someone else tagged a friend and said: ‘Get the feck there now!!!!! Sod work!!! Lol.’

If you want to get your hands on one, you’ll have to check out your local store as B&M doesn’t sell online.

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