Big biscuit fan? You could earn £40,000 a year as a Master Biscuitier

Border Biscuits is looking to hire a biscuit connoisseur and pay them a tidy £40,000 a year.

The Scotland-based company is on the hunt for a ‘Master Biscuitier’ who needs to be a ‘creative, innovative foodie, obsessed with the best’ and who ‘champions a continuous improvement.’

The role involves monitoring the quality of the biscuits and, yes, taste-testing new versions of the product.

Other benefits include 35 days of holiday and discounts in over 1,000 stores.

But the job isn’t open to just any biscuit lover – Border Biscuits is looking for someone with an HND/Degree level qualification in either Food Science, Nutrition or food-related studies, experience managing product development/improvement, preferably in the fields of confectionary or baking, and practical experience with bakery products and processes.

The company would also like applicants to have an understanding of biscuit chemistry and manufacturing, an understanding of secondary processing of chocolate, and an awareness of relevant UK legislation and industry practice – although these aren’t deal-breakers.

The job ad reads: ‘We are looking for someone who has the skills, expertise and experience to really drive Border’s obsession with quality. 

‘So if you know what it takes to make an exceptional biscuit then we want to hear from you!’

Managing director Paul Parkins said: ‘This is an incredible opportunity for someone to fulfil their dream of creating delicious treats every day and of course, be paid for it!

‘The successful candidate will be crowned our Master Biscuitier and lead our passionate team in creating delicious ideas for new biscuit creations.

‘We’re encouraging people from across the country to apply and look forward to interviewing some great talent.’

If you think you could be the Biscuitier for the job, you can apply via Border Biscuits’ website.

While we’re on the subject of enviable jobs, the title of Master Buscuitier would seemingly go hand in hand with that of Tetley Tea Tester.

Yasmin Lee, 25, is a professional tester who samples at least 50 cups of tea a day.

Why were we never told about these sorts of jobs in school?

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