Baker makes perfect pies that you could look at all day

Name a better duo than Instagram and food pics.

The social media app has changed the way we document our meals, working on a simple premise – the bolder, the better.

Baker Lauren Ko makes the most Insta-worthy food. Her pies are perfect, geometric in design and delicious in taste (so we hear).

Lauren, from Seattle, U.S, makes pies that are inspired by the inedible (probably a geometry book) but all her unconventional pies are ready to eat.

Architecture, string art, textiles and everyday groceries are some of the things that inspire the baker who does it full time.

Her website Lokokitchen is so aesthetically pleasing, that it’s attracted the attention of culinary big wigs Martha Stewart and Oprah.

Lauren’s Instagram account is sure to soon become your fave.

‘I started the Instagram account as a fluke,’ Lauren tells

‘I felt like I was becoming that friend and posting too many food photos to my personal account, and needed a separate holding place to store images of things I was cooking and baking for fun.

‘I had no intentions of it being anything beyond a digital photo album, but my first post, which happened to be a pie, garnered something like 600 likes.

‘As a regular nobody, this completely blew my mind. In that vein, I simply continued posting pies and tarts, and the account continued to grow against all expectations.’

As gorgeous as the final product may be, the pies take a lot of work.

The process varies greatly depending on the flavours and designs. Pies and/or tarts can take Lauren anywhere from one to eight hours to make.

That’s not always active time as the dough requires chilling at each step and pies bake for quite a while too.

The humble baker says: ‘I don’t think they are perfect, but I enjoy the process of making them!’

Inspiration can hit at any time for Lauren, who’s always on the lookout for new patterns.

‘I take inspiration from patterns I see in life: textiles, architecture, clothing, anything that draws my eye with its patterns and colour. The internet always helps too! I keep a Pinterest board of interesting ideas for future projects.’

Please enjoy more perfect pies from Lauren’s collection:

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