18 Things You Can Do To Instantly Anger Any Barista

1.Pour your coffee out into the trash can to make room for cream and sugar.

We love foam just as much as the next person, but we waste so much milk scooping the foam from the top and throwing the rest away because you don’t want any weight to your coffee.

4.Pay with a $100 bill.

Any food service worker on the drive-thru register in the rain has the worst spot. Cars always forget to turn off their wipers, which subsequently flick water into the window and onto us.

6.Ask for five separate transactions in one car through the drive-thru.

Nothing makes our blood boil faster. Please walk it to the nearest trash can, which is most likely less than three feet away.

8.Complain that an extra-hot drink isn’t hot enough.

If you want an iced latte, you have to actually say “iced latte.” If you say “latte,” we’re going to make you a hot one.

10.Hold the door open.

Flies love coffee shops. Think about it. There’s air conditioning, sugar, and old milk. Please leave the door closed instead of welcoming them in.

11.Watch us like a hawk as we make your drink.

We have 100 things to do, and you waiting until we’re staring at you so you can drop a dollar in our tip jar hangs us up. It’s great to tip, but you shouldn’t be tipping for recognition that you tipped. You should be tipping because we bust our butts and you had great service and a delicious coffee!

15.Order from a secret menu.

Yeah, we know exactly what you’re doing when you order three shots of espresso in a huge cup of ice. You’re going to go to the condiment bar, empty our entire carafe of milk into your cup, dump sugar into it, and make your own iced latte. You’re not being tricky. Though it may cost less, it’s more work on our part because you usually wipe us out of sugar and milk at the condiment station.

17.Loudly exclaim that another coffee shop does something for you that we won’t.

Training and recipes are pretty much uniform across each chain. If another store was actually doing something for you that we wouldn’t, they weren’t following company policy. Also, why wouldn’t you just go there instead?

18.And yell when we’ve messed up your drink.

To err is human. If your drink tastes off, there is a 99% chance we’ll apologize and remake it. Sometimes we make mistakes. Please don’t yell at us.

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