Yves Saint Laurent Releases Penis Pendant & Earrings, Sells Out Immediately

While the world of high fashion is often provocative and sensual both in terms of the culture and in terms of the overall aesthetic, some of a more prudish disposition may be shocked to see the latest offerings from one of the most recognized brands in the industry.

Yves Saint Laurent founded his eponymous fashion house in the 1960s, and was known as the “king of radical chic” at that time, according to the Telegraph. Leading a troubled but inspired life as one of haute couture’s leading men throughout the 20th century, Saint Laurent was a designer who — unlike many of his peers — went clubbing, partied hard, and mingled with controversial figures. That sense of daring has seemingly carried over to the contemporary aesthetic sensibilities of the fashion house that the late clothier built.

As the Mirror details, Yves Saint Laurent has most recently made headlines for a matching set of adult-oriented accessories that feature the bold form of the male genitalia. Dangling earrings in the shape of a penis, anatomically accurate and leaving little doubt as to what the phallic shape may represent, are just one half of the story. Made in Italy and finished in patinated brass, the earrings are joined by an even bigger penis pendant, the pendant sporting an Yves Saint Laurent charm on the clasp that helps to add some femininity to the mix.

Don’t expect a potential purchase to be inexpensive, however, if one can even get their hands on the new phallic pieces at all. The earrings are sold from Yves Saint Laurent’s website for approximately $280, while the much more impressive pendant goes for a substantial sum of $795 — meaning that the pair will set prospective buys back by over $1,100. It appears that a taste for high fashion accessories with an edgy air of mystique comes with an appropriately exclusive price tag.

Both items are entirely sold out, at least on the fashion brand’s official website.

Perhaps predictably, social media reactions to the new collection were mixed, to say the least. The Mirror records some Twitter users as being confused by the brass accessories, assuming incorrectly that the earrings were, in fact, body jewelry — meant to be worn below the belt.

“Once again, I read the hed wrong. I thought it was ‘jewelry FOR the penis,’ [sic] and I couldn’t figure out how that would work.”

Others were put off by the entire idea, failing to understand or comprehend why anyone would invest so much money into a design which did not appeal to their tastes whatsoever. Finally, the jesters amongst the social media crowd were out in full force, with one Twitter user — going by the handle of Ron Ernie — making a bit of a joke about the whole affair.

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