You’ve been blowing your nose all wrong – and it could be making your cold worse

Apparently, blowing your nose could actually make you feel worse.

The stuffy, congested feeling associated with a cold is a result of inflamed blood vessels.

And according to Business Insider, blowing your nose could make you feel more bunged up.

This is simply because you're building the pressure inside your nose, with can lead to mucus travelling up towards your sinuses.

Not only could blowing your nose make you feel worse, but it could also lead to further problems (such as a bacterial infection in your sinuses) – prolonging your misery.

Thankfully, there are other things you can do to help your recovery.

There is a correct way to blow your nose – simply blow lightly through each nostril, but one at a time.

Anti-inflammatories may also help reduce the swelling, removing that horrid congested feeling.

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