Workers transform their office into a giant maze with cardboard Christmas trees, the ‘North Pole’ and a snowball pit

RECKON your office could do with a festive makeover? Forget boring Christmas trees, these workers have taken things a lot further.

A group of 12 people working at office stationary suppliers Viking surprised their colleagues by transforming the dull space into a giant 247 square metre Christmas maze.

The magical creation includes a North Pole, enchanted forest and a huge snowball bit, with 31,000 white balls, in the meeting room.

But before you start expecting your colleagues to do the same, it took 1,152 cardboard boxes to transform the office into a winter wonderland.

And Viking sells cardboard boxes, which means they had a huge supply to choose from.

But it still took a lot of dedication – with a dozen workers spending 10 hours of their weekend on the project.

Those who weren't in on the surprise returned on Monday to find a maze, which they had to navigate to get to their desk.

When they eventually got there, each team had been given its own theme – like Bavarian log cabins and Santa's workshop.

Viking's Marketing Executive Bob Huibers said: "The reactions of employees as they entered work on Monday was a sight to behold.

"The maze made a great talking point for staff throughout the day, giving something for the team to gel over.

"Plus, it was a great way to spark creativity – what better way than by holding a meeting in a ball pit."

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