Woman stunned after finding a secret games room hidden room behind a bookcase in her new home

A WOMAN is in shock after finding a secret games room hidden behind a bookcase in the new house she moved into. 

The homeowner shared a clip of her plush pad on TikTok, which features a vast open-plan living room and diner, with double-height ceilings and wooden floors. 

The camera pans up showing an incredible wooden staircase – leading to a wall of books. 

The whole wall features in-built bookcases, with the stairs moving along the space so you can access every book. 

People were blown away by this design feature – but they didn’t expect what was to follow. 

The woman walks up the stairs and reaches for a book in the middle bookcase, and incredibly it opens a secret door. 

She explained they found the ‘secret room’, explaining they’d ‘just moved in’ to the property. 

The wall swings forward to reveal a games room, with a giant TV and camping chair in the middle of the room, with the homeowner saying it’s “still not furnished”. 

The room goes back even further, with another staircase going down and a room beyond it. 

She captioned the clip, which has been viewed more than one million times, explaining what they’ll do with the space, saying they’ll turn it into a 'games room’ with ‘pool’ or ‘ping pong’. 

People couldn’t believe the room – or the stairs – as she confirmed they move “along the bars you can see is the track it’s on.” 

Numerous viewers compared the room to something out of Hogwarts, with one person saying: “What in the Harry Potters is this.”

Someone else commented: “If I had this in my house I would turn it into a Harry Potter room or a Slytherin common room.”

A third wrote: “That is so cool. I’ve always wanted a secret door book shelf since I saw it in a movie.”

While this person raved: “I thought it was cool just that you go up the stairs to the book shelf. I gasped when the door opened.”

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