Woman, 34, has NINE plastic surgeries including a nose job and Brazilian butt lift in a bid to look like her idol Ivanka Trump

Sarah Schmidt, 34, had a range of procedures including a nose job, Brazilian butt lift, fillers and liposuction to transform herself into US President Donald Trump's 37-year-old daughter.

Speaking to Inside Edition ahead of the ops, the technology analyst said: "I want to look like Ivanka Trump. I think she's beautiful.

"I think she's very poised, classy. I like the way she carries herself."

"I love her nose, I love her cheeks. I definitely want this gone," Sarah said, gesturing to her tummy. "She's nice and flat.

"I would also like a little curve right back there (pointing at her bum). I know she has it, I've looked."

What Sarah had done

  • Rhinoplasty nose job: £3k
  • Cheek contouring: £2k
  • Lip fillers: £300
  • Brazilian butt lift: £6k
  • Liposuction under her chin: £2k
  • Abdominal lipo: £3k
  • Lipo in her hips and thighs: £5k
  • TOTAL: £21,300 approx cost

Sarah tasked plastic surgeon Dr Franklin Rose – who's appeared on Married to Medicine, Dr Phil and MTV's I Want a Famous Face – with her transformation.

The doc, who's based in Houston, Texas, has become something of an Ivanka surgery expert thanks to a rise in interest since Trump ran for President – with his patients spending up to £46,000 in a bid to look like her.

Dr Rose previously told ABC's Nightline: "This is not the first patient that's come in with a picture of Ivanka Trump.

"Breasts or nose or face, she has such a pretty face shape. She is very beautiful and she's very poised."

Sarah also got extensions and her hair dyed to emulate Ivanka's flowing locks.

Revealing her transformation to friends and family six weeks on from the op, Sarah told Inside Edition: "I absolutely have the Ivanka look I wanted."

Her friends agreed, gushing: "It’s just beautiful, she looks so gorgeous," and "she looks just like Ivanka."

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