Why I'm Only Shopping Brands That Are Making a Difference

Why I’m Only Shopping Brands That Are Making a Difference

With everything that’s happened over the past few months, I have become increasingly aware of the power of spending. It began with small businesses during COVID-19, knowing that my purchase could directly help out a struggling business owner. It then evolved during the recent Black Lives Matter movement to supporting Black-owned businesses, and in turn, helping to uplift Black communities. It’s trained me to have an emotional response to my spending and actively consider the people on the receiving end.

Before this pandemic, I had been vaguely conscious of this notion of “voting with your dollar” and how micro spending can have a macro impact socially. I made certain purchases based on the values of the company, focusing mostly on sustainability, but many of my purchases still felt impulsive. They were a reaction to a trend, social post, or even flash sale. Now, the act of conscious consumption feels like less of a drop in the bucket, and choosing a socially mindful brand has more meaning than ever because the stakes are so high. Here are some of my favorite items to shop now from brands making a difference.

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