Vet reveals the one simple move that could save your child’s life if a dog attacks

Veterinarian Brett Levitzke has explained the one move that could stop a dog attack – and it's very simple.

Triniti Harrell from North Carolina was playing in her front yard when the animal attacked.

And despite mum Miranda's desperate attempts to save her daughter, Triniti died days later in hospital.

While there is no suggestion Brett's advice could have helped Miranda and Triniti, the vet has revealed a simple move that could help stop a dog attack.

"If you pick them up by the hind legs they're off balance, their first reaction may be to let go and then turn around," he told Inside Edition.

In a harrowing audio recording of the 911 call, the dispatcher can be heard telling Miranda to run into her home and grab a weapon like a knife.

When Miranda responded: "This knife is too dull" the operator ask: "Can you get hold of anything – a pot, pan, shovel, anything you've got around your house? Hit him with it."

Triniti was rushed to hospital but tragically passed away.

An online obituary says she was surrounded by her loved ones when she died.

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The school girl was walking down an alleyway when she was attacked by a black and white Husky or German Shepherd-type dog.

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