This bizarre Asos product description for its own-brand bralet has left shoppers scratching their heads

But Asos has been getting a bit more creative with theirs – and one in particular has left shoppers scratching their heads.

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For its ASOS DESIGN white bralet, priced at £8, the retailer has advised it's "not for the clumsy ones".

As well as that sage advice, it reveals the product is V-necked with a close-cut bodycon fit, ribbed finish, adjustable cami straps and a racer back.

Among the list of its attributes is the line, "What’s up, short-tee?" which is equally nonsensical.

Clearly baffled, one shopper took to Twitter to have a moan about Asos's kooky description.

Twitter user CuriosityRocks, from Staffordshire, tweeted: "Why do #ASOS say really confusing unhelpful things in their product descriptions, this bralette says ‘Not for the clumsy ones’ wtf is that meant to mean?"

In response, one person suggested: "That if you're clumsy and trip often your boobs will fall out of the bra?"

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